Overview #

Distance: 125km
Pork Phase: Waning
Route: small roads / R445 / small roads / R448 / small roads / R756 / R115 / R137
Route day 6
Route day 6

This morning, the group gets a bit smaller - David is back-to-backing his holidays and needs to head straight home to avoid a clash. So farewell to him for now, thank you for your company David!

The remaining four of us head on to Dublin in a roundabout way... it's not far and we could probably be there in an hour or so if we took the main roads, but there are some scenic detours available and we're all about the scenic detours. So, we head slightly southeast towards the Wicklow Mountains national park!

Just on the outskirts of the park we made a stop for Lunch at The Hollywood Inn, and took a moment to admire the Hollywood sign.

Then we headed into the park, and paid a quick visit to Glendalough, where Chris is confident about his boots' waterproofing:

We set up a camera for a timed group shot, and I was sent up the bank to scout positions. "Make a shape!" they said, so it seems that I did. Perhaps I'm getting on to an invisible motorcycle?

Anyway, we got our group shot. One for the album cover eh?

After a quick cake, we were back on the road, shortly turning to the north to ride the R115, AKA the Old Military Road.

This stretch of riding was a real treat for the eyes, definitely worth a detour! Beautiful views, one after the other, keep appearing. Admittedly the road is rather narrow and bumpy so this isn't one for riding fast, but that suits us just fine.

Helmet selfie!
Helmet selfie!

Then Dublin appears on the horizon and the road descends:

After a few orbits of inner-city road systems (okay, we should have looked at a map beforehand), we made it to the Castle Hotel, freshened up, and headed out for a few beers!

Onwards: Next!

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