Having slept the sleep of exhausted bikers, we woke up, breakfasted and watched England appear in the distance. After getting off the ship and remembering to start driving on the other side of the road again, we started the hack back home. Not too bad at first, and a visit to Chris' parents for lunch kept our spirits up, but soon we were in a damp, grey Milton Keynes again and this time it was rush hour. Rain, traffic... we weren't used to this! Can't we go back? Oh, no, we've got work tomorrow...

Ah well, we got home safe and sound, and K8 even discovered a clean spot on Laika:

And after a quick unpack, we wasted no time in getting to our local pub to mark the end of a great trip: 2500 miles, more ferries and tunnels than I could count, some hairpin bends and bridges that I'll remember for a long time, and most importantly an excellent time with fantastic people.

Big shout out to Anneley, Chris, K8 and Mags for the company and for helping make an ambition a reality. Props to Kenny for the inspiration. And thank you to Denmark, Norway and Sweden for the roads and the welcome!

Cheers, and thanks for watching - see you all again soon I hope!

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