Right, we'd run out of sightseeing time, we now had a very important deadline - to get to the ferry before boarding closes at 13:30! It's a fair old stretch, all motorways:

I have to admit this wasn't a particularly enjoyable bit of riding. The venerable Dominator wasn't exactly made for long 70mph+ motorway stints, and its upright riding position means you tend to get blown off the back somewhat. The deadline meant that we really had to do 70 the entire way, with not much time for breaks! I was hugging my tank bag throughout, hoping that the motor wouldn't mind being held at 5000rpm for longer than I've ever done before.

I also experienced a hilarious (to Chris, anyway) shortage of horsepower on the bridge between Korsor and Nyborg - a 30mph head-wind reduced my flat-out speed to 65mph! Oh how we (he) laughed. Still, rather that than a 30mph cross-wind...

This is where I have to mention the trip's only reliability issues, but thankfully they're relatively minor!
1) Increased crankcase pressure made my oil filter cover leak a bit, and I got an oily right foot.
2) About 10km shy of the ferry port, my speedo drive decided it'd had enough of this motorway lark, and spat out all its teeth. Dag nammit, that means I'll have to rely on the GPS speedo on my phone!

Can't complain too much about that really, and we made it in time for the ferry. There was obviously something funny about the cabin...

We then treated ourselves to an expensive-but-good steak in the ship's restaurant, and watched Scandinavia disappear over the horizon...

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