This was the second leg of andershz's route, a few more main road sections compared to the day before but there were still some nice tree-lined bits linking them together.

I really wish I'd had a bike-mounted camera because we were mainly pressing on and didn't stop for many photos. Of course, whilst stopped for a picnic we remembered to add a few pics to the duck collection...

The only on-the-move picture from this bit:

Originally we had been intending to head to Wildmarks Camping, but for some reason we didn't make it and I can't really remember why now. I guess they must've been full, we didn't make any reservations more than a day in advance the entire trip!

Anyway, we ended up in a hut in a nice campsite HERE, and had a good chat with one of the staff who was a fellow biker and classic car enthusiast. The campsite was next to a lake, and there were a few paths around for those who fancied a wander.

All through the Swedish countryside we'd been taunted by moose warning signs (without seeing any actual moose), and here we found another one right opposite our cabin!

So, imagine my surprise when K8 returned from a walk and calmly said "saw a moose while we were by the lake, look..." and handed me her camera.

Ho ho ho, scottish-accent-for-comic-effect-person :oP

That's about yer lot here, save for the obligatory well-filled dinner pot...

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