We were all very refreshed after our short city-break, and I was looking forward to the next bit of riding - andershz on ADVRider very kindly supplied us with some excellent local knowledge so we could get away from the main road and onto some more interesting tarmac. Here's our GPS track for the day:

Hang on, didn't I say we were all refreshed? Chris obviously needed an extra nap before we set off, and his bike-slouching fu is quite strong:

This leg is where I decided to try navigating for the group - most of the time up to now we'd either been following signposts, working to a memory of a simple route, or cheating and following Laika's sat-nav.

I wanted to see if I could lead us along andershz's route, but of course I don't have a fancy bike sat-nav, or even any proper maps. Instead, in the map pocket of my tank bag I had a black-and-white printout of the google map of the entire route, and my phone. Now this might make sense if you've got a fancy smartphone with a 5" screen, but I have a Samsung B2710. It's a good phone - water proof, good GPS, good battery life... but its screen is teeny! Also the mapping application I use is open source and written in Java, and meant for a more powerful machine than this, so the screen updates aren't exactly fast.

Imagine this, but with a bright blue sky reflected in the map pocket window as well:

To my surprise, it worked quite well! Admittedly I had to keep taking my left hand off to shade the screen, but my marked waypoints (worked out where we had to turn before leaving and saved the locations onto the phone) would appear on screen just in time for me to read them without falling off. Result!

Anyway, we had a great time winding our way through the country roads, and totally stuck to the speed limit the entire time.


Stopped off for a picnic somewhere completely random...

We had planned to cross via ferry HERE, but when we arrived we discovered (via a very helpful local who phoned the ferry company and gave us the skinny in perfect english) that the ferry was stuck on the other side with a broken transmission. So close! I think Chris was considering taking a run-up...

So that led us on a detour through Norrköping in order to pick up our back-road route, but it didn't cost us too much time. We soon found ourselves on quiet, beautiful roads...

... and we arrived at our campsite for the evening (HERE) in plenty of time to do a bit of Scottoiler maintainance:

and cook a big pot of veg curry!

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