Having spent an hour or so in the hotel's bar, drinking their free coffee machine dry (bet they regret telling us about that!), we found a few likely spots where we would get a good north-facing view of the sea, and not be overlooked by any/many houses. We struck gold (or rock, anyway) with the first one so this post's antics are all located HERE:

A panorama view of what would be our base for the night (click for bigger, but watch out - it's really quite big!):

The idea here, then, is to sit around having a nice time, watch the sun set, carry on having a nice time, watch the sun rise again, and then go home and pass out safe in the knowledge that celestial mechanics haven't mysteriously changed overnight. Previous solstices have seen us do a coast-to-coast dash across England while the sun was down, or hike up various hills with a ridiculous amount of stuff (guitars, bongos, beer, meat, camping chairs...).

This one would be fairly tame in terms of the walking part, but definitely the most epic in terms of getting to our location! This was a really satisfying moment for me - as a result of some rather haphazard planning, we were further north than we'd ever been before, surrounded by fantastic scenery with amazing weather, and we'd kept the shiny side up all the way so far! Definitely cause for celebration.

Anyway, on with the show... first rule of celebrating the solstice in this fashion, you need the proper apparel:

Then you need to be able to sit comfortably...

You'll need some way to entertain yourself while waiting for sunset:

And you'll certainly need to be able to make a nice cup of tea!

Keep your eyes and your cameras peeled, you need photographic evidence that there was a sun there just in case it doesn't come back up again...

And eventually, you'll see the last rays of the setting sun!

You are now free to amuse yourself for a while. In the UK we usually have about 7 hours to kill, but here it would only be three! The permanently-bright sky also makes it quite a bit easier to indulge in a bit of low-light photography...

Right, time for a barbecue!

Scandinavians, you really need to visit the UK (specifically, some real butchers) and discover what sausages are supposed to be like. I shall skip over the meat course and proceed directly to smores...

... some of which obviously need to go on fire.

Having eaten, it's back to sitting and waiting - this time for sunrise.

I have no idea what's going on here:

In case of midge/mosquito attack, make sure you have a comprehensive air defence system:

Then, as the sun starts to tickle the horizon, charge your glasses and make sure you're looking in the right direction...

There! There it is! We've survived! Now is the moment to toast the sunrise & the success of your journey so far, and spare a thought for the friends who couldn't be there to enjoy it with you. Normally we would pass the first rays of the new rising sun through some real ale, but since we were travelling light we had to make do with single malt scotch whisky...

And just in case there was any doubt as to the sun's path, it's definitely up now:

All that's left is to stumble back to the hotel, fall unconscious, and hallucinate vividly for a few hours :o)

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