Overview (with some slight gaps, just fill in with a map of route 63):

After prying our eyes away from the beautiful scenery around Strynsvatn, our route took us north on what was for me the coolest (both literally and figuratively) bit of riding on this west-coast leg. We would cover both the Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road, both heavily featured in many bike magazines.

We headed north on route 63 and pretty quickly approached the snow line:

Excellent twisty roads, snowdrifts all around, 1000m above sea level and the bike's running smoothly. I can't think of much better to be honest! We took a quick break to take a closer look a the snow and check that it was real...

After all, when the scenery looks like this you can't usually get away with a vest top...

Mags he is incredulous.

Anyway, best press on - these hairpins aren't going to ride themselves!

Rv63 dips back down to sea level where there's a small port:

And then shortly after there's a handy viewing platform where hordes of tourists from the cruise ships get bussed a couple of miles up the road so they can take photos of the boat they've just got off. Seemed rude not to join in the photo-taking action, including the view of the vehicles from which we'd just disembarked!

This bus obviously needed to take on water, perhaps it's steam powered?

Back on the road again, we soon passed a very exciting sign!

Mmm, guaranteed 5.3km of grins! Sat-nav confirms it, there be wigglies ahead:

Laika's passengers just can't help taking pictures of waterfalls :o)

Having made it down into the valley, we stopped at the shop to browse for troll-related paraphernalia and to allow our cheek muscles to relax a bit.

Who doesn't need a hat with its own paws?

Then, on to the Atlantic Road. Okay, so it's fairly short and certainly well-photographed, but it was on our way and definitely worth the detour, especially as all the route leading up to it was spectacular anyway. Obviously we couldn't help but ride over some parts of it twice to get the traditional photo:

And a quick walk around on one of the road's small islands...

We then carried on to Kristiansund, and to our hotel HERE for a quick freshen up and to plan where exactly where we would go to celebrate the solstice!

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