GPS log mostly worked today, ignore the times though as they appear to be totally random:

Back on the E39 to start with, still plenty of scenery to distract those who are supposedly in control of motor vehicles (Laika is RHD, remember).

Norway, I know I really shouldn't complain but I think most people can be trusted to do more than 80kph along here:

This is a bit twistier though:

We stopped for a quick rest HERE, meeting some friendly bikers from Oslo who were on a riding holiday, and who were very glad to have pulled in because a few seconds later a police car arrived too. Let's just say they hadn't been doing 80kph exactly ;)

Now, nearer home the best you can expect from a main road's rest lay-by is an overgrown hedge and a bin overflowing with happy meal boxes. Seems on the E39 things are somewhat more picturesque!

Back on the move again, things get a little twistier before we hop on another ferry across Sognefjord.

Time for another stop and some lunch HERE, looks like we needed a rest!

Again, awesome scenery especially considering we're about six feet away from a main road.

Then it's time to press on again. We kept on up the E39 until Brykjelo where we took route 60 around Innvikfjorden...

Quick pause for a posed shot!

And then after Stryn itself we carried on a little further out of town on route 15, to Strynsvatn campground where we got ourselves a cabin with a serious view.

There was a diving platform on the shore opposite the campsite, and we saw a few (presumably) locals down there so Anneley and I said to each other, "Right! We're definitely going to go and have a nice swim in that there lake. It's sunny, it'll be nice to cool off!"

However, once we got down there we noticed that the locals would dare each other to jump in, and then roughly one New York Second later they would explode from the water straight into their towels. Seriously, I've seen dolphins come out of water slower. A quick dip of the feet reminded us that this is glacial meltwater, and neither of us fancied the instant death that would no doubt ensue should we immerse ourselves any deeper than knee-height. Oh well, we tried. Well, not tried as such... nevermind.

This guy knows the score - safer to just look at it.

We went back to Stryn for tea (in seemingly the only open place in town - luckily they did good pizza), there aren't really many landmarks in town but I did decide that a pink grey fergie was worth a snap!

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