TODO!A traveller visiting Bergen asks a boy if it always rains there.

After careful consideration, the boy says "I don't know, I'm only 15"TODO!

Hokay, so, we appeared to be being lucky with the weather so far, something we're all very glad of since we'd left the UK during the wettest (period of time) in (all other periods of time). But the guide book says it rains on 270 days of the year in Bergen, so better expect rain at least on approach!

We decided to stick with the E39 all the way, since we needed the ferries on this route and anyway it looked like we wouldn't be wanting for scenery. All aboard again:

It appears that no-one took any pictures of the actual riding part of this leg, so you'll just have to use your imagination (and google streetview) to fill in the gap. Must get a bike mount for the camera!

Anyway, up we rock in Bergen to glorious sunshine! We have a whale enthusiast amongst our number so we visited Bergen University's museum where they have recently re-opened their whale hall (and have an extensive collection of slightly creepy stuffed animals). Museum guarded by this chap:

The university area is obviously very affluent, you don't get these kinds of houses round the corner from most universities in the UK... I felt a bit bad parking my heap in front of them (though it's obviously a huge improvement over all the bloomin' beemers and audis).

Sadly, no photos of the over-stuffed weasels :-/
Bergen centre has a really nice feel to it, not sure if it was just because it was sunny for a change but it seemed very relaxed. Definitely one to return to with a bit more time to spend!

We wanted a fish for tea, so a visit to Bergen's famous fish market was called for where we found plenty to choose from:

And thence onto a cabin HERE - still no rain, in fact conditions call for ice-cream! And also a handy opportunity to dry some laundry...

Time to check the next day's route plan...

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